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“I can come to the conclusion that Music is a drug itself, and Techno is a really good one!”



Délicieux petit bonbon à croquer, la belle Candy Cox enflamme de ses sets furieux les dancefloors de la planète. Issue du club très en vogue des Djanes Brésiliennes, la demoiselle nous fait partager sa passion pour une hardtechno qu’elle distille de ses doigts de fée. 

How did you come to hardtechno ?

When I got to teen age, I started to listen to Electronic Music, like Dance Music (Technotronic was one of my favorites),  later I met House Music, Tech House, Drum’n Bass… And one day I got to listen Techno and I just loved it! 

So I started to go to Techno parties, and finally, one day, I got hit by Hardtechno... and iI just felt in love with this Music on the very first beat! 

Those hard beats, high bpms, distorted texture and there is such a happy energy coming from it, that I just couldn´t stop dancing every time I listened to Hardtechno Music. From that time on, I got into Hardtechno more and more, researching for tracks, labels, artists (djs/producers), and this style became part of my life.


What are your musical influences ?

Well, all my life, I´ve always been involved with music somehow, since I was a little girl. 

My parents used to listen a lot of kinds of music, so I guess my ears were always listening to something, and music was a part of me since always. My influences goes from Classical Music to more extreme sounds like Heavy Metal. I have been influenced by names like Madonna, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Queen, Diana Ross, The Cure, George Michael, Culture Club, Janis Joplin, The Doors, Bob Marley, Donna Summer, David Bowie, Technotronic, Run DMC, Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy, Nirvana, Metallica, Beastie Boys, AC/DC, Sex Pistols, The Ramones, Iron Maiden, amazing Brazilian musicians as Tom Jobim, Vinicius de Moraes, Elis Regina, Mutantes, Novos Baianos, Toquinho...I just chose some random names, but the list goes on and on...


How would you define your mixing style ?

I have learned the basic techniques of mixing music with a great friend from Brazil, Josue Rozeira (Dj Bad). He is a brilliant dj from my home town (Curitiba), and he taught me so much about Electronic Music, and how to play them, and mix one to another. With the time passing along with my dj carrer (I will celebrate 10 years next year on 2015), I developed my own mixing technique based on everything I learned with Dj Bad and learned also by watching and listening to other great Djs...On my Dj sets, my mixing depends on a lot of factors, like the conditions of the venues sound system, the response from the crowd, how am I feeling at the moment, and I usually try to make different mixes for each track I play. For some of them, I use effects during the mix, some others, I just simply mix and play with equalization, and for me, a really important thing, is that I am always learning to improve my equalization and mixing skills, always learning something new from other Djs and sets I listen to. Now that I have my own studio at home, I am able to practice more and also, I like to invent some new stuff for each set...I believe that a Dj must be always in progress, learning and taking risks to do new things on live performed Dj sets, to make the mixing more clever and better on and on... I am a continuous apprentice and I love to learn new stuff, and then, add this new stuff to my mixing techniques.


Fernanda Martins, Dj Gab, you... it seems that Brazil is the place for Hardtechno Djane !

Yeah, I think in Brasil, we have a really nice territory to export talented people.  This two Djanes are great artists and musicians, 2 amazing djs ! It is a honor to be part of a scene that presents such great artists, and from Brasil, there is a really big amount of other great Djanes and artists.


What is your favorite club ?

Mmmmm… It is hard to say exactly which one is my favorite. There are so many nice clubs I had the pleasure to perform at. But, one of my favorites, was the one I played for the first time, called "Stereo Pub", in Curitiba, Brazil.

It was a small underground club that had a great energy and amazing crowd, and was a really important Club for the Electronic Music Culture in my home town. Of course I have a lot of other Clubs on my favorite list, like Florida135 in Fraga, Spain, Fabrik in Madrid, Spain, among many others...


Where is the place you would love to mix (on the moon, under the sea…) ?

Under the sea would be great!

Would be awesome to take Techno and Hardtechno to places that people haven´t listened this style yet. It is such a rich style, and I think people should heard more about it, because for sure they would fall in love with this music.


Are you more a sweet or a hard Candy ?

I can be both ! 

It depends on the situation im confronting... I think my nature is sweeter, but sometimes I need to be hard. On the stage, I believe I can spread both of this particularities at the same time. People always said that I have a delicate personality, but when the music starts, Ii become a hard lady.


To be a good DJ, is it more important to be focusing on the mixing technique or on the track selection ?

Both of them. I think, a Dj has to know what he/she is doing on the mixer, of course knowing the basic technique, and also knows a little bit of each crowd, because the crowd´s music taste changes over the region (country, city..etc), the age, gender and a lot of other factors. 

And this maturity, a Dj acquires with the experience, as exactly the same as any other profession. It is important to have a big music collection, to know exactly what kind of track would be nice for each moment. For example, there are differences between the music selection for a club and a big festival, or maybe at one country the crowd likes darker textures and at other countries or cities they prefer more happy sounds. A good Dj should be prepared for each crowd taste, having a lot of tracks prepared, no matter the music style.


How do you prepare a mix ?

After nine years of carrer, I can say that I am really fortunate for being able to play and meet so many different crowds and audiences at so many different countries, and with this "knowledge" I grew over the years, now, for each gig at a country I have already been, Ii kinda know a little bit of what kind of sound they would like to listen, of course, as I said, their musical taste are always changing, but I can have a little idea of what each crowd likes. 

It´s a long road, because each region have it´s own characteristics. 

So I usually separate a list of new and also "old" tracks that I think that would be appropriate for that moment, sometimes based on my playtime at the party. Then, I choose one to start, sometimes I choose the few next ones also, and after that, I see what´s going on on the dance floor, I pay attention on the crowd´s reaction, and the track list for that event goes based on the "dancing level" and the response coming from the party people.


Do you prepare all the tracks you are going to play before a mix or do you let yourself free to change the set list because of the crowd reaction ?

It depends on my mood. Sometimes, I let myself completely free, without preparing anything, and then, I even surprise myself.

An artist must be free to express himself/herself the way he/she feels like, and always be prepared to have fun with the crowd, cause this is what it´s all about: - To have fun and make the party people have fun with you through the music! 

It´s like being a musical instrument, or maybe being a "way", or a path, to drive them into it, and make them dance and feel happy listening the music that we love.


What is the best and the strangest thing that happened to you during a mix ?

The best thing that happened during a mix is not just one thing...

One of them, was seeing my Father dancing, and watching me play at my first gig.

And another one, was at a party in Venezuela, that was my bday, but not a party organized or announced to celebrate it, and I though nobody knew that was my bday....and suddenly the power of the venue went down, and while the power didn´t came back, somehow the crowd knew that was my bday, and started to sing "Happy Bday to You" all together. I got really touched by that moment.

And the strangest thing, was that I was playing (don´t remember where), and a guy came to my side, kept starring at me, then he put his hand on the mixer like touching the faders and buttons, maybe he though he could play a little bit, or whatever he was thinking at the moment, and I ask him to please not to do that, and then he started to talking to me, telling things about his childhood and his life. I was like : "what ? I’m sorry, but can´t you see that I am working here ? Maybe you can tell me this stuff later, but I´m kinda busy right now"....hehehe...was a "WTF?" moment, really really funny.


Is it difficult to deal with the role of a Djane and the one of a woman, a bride or a mother ? 

I don´t think so. It is just like any other profession. Of course you must have balance on everything on life. My boyfriend sometimes goes with me to some gigs. Every time it is possible for him to go, he is with me, and as he is also a Dj, he understands my work, and always helps me and supports me so much with everything. I am not a mother yet. I want to be a mother someday, then I think i will have some limitations, but for now, it is not like a difficulty. It is just a busy way of living. Women are strong and we can take it. We are used to take care of thousand things at the same time.


Are drugs still important in Techno music as it was in the 90’s ?

I never though that was important.

I don´t think is part of it, and I don´t think that Techno or any other style of music should be connected with drugs. I think that drugs, are something that just happened on the world, for some reason...

Drugs are just happened on the history of humanity....

Exactly like there is drugs at places that we don´t even imagine, not only on the music scene, but also among politicians, police, industries, big companies, medications are drugs, alcohol is a drug, tobacco is a drug, and you don´t need to go to a Techno party to see people doing drugs. Unfortunately, from where I come from, you can see drugs on the streets, at malls, schools, or anywhere...

And in my opinion, Techno should not be connected with drugs.

I believe that people are free to do whatever they want with their lives. And I also believe that using drugs is something that some people search to escape from something, maybe for a hard reality, or maybe some situations on life, that are better to be forgotten then to be faced and confronted...or whatever reasons that make people go look for drugs...

And I am really sure, that Music does the exactly same job.

Because Music can free your mind, Music can help you to forget your problems for a while, and then helps you to make decisions and gives you strength to face the hard facts of life, Music can gives you courage, energy, fulfillment, joy, happiness, good feelings, also can bring back good memories, makes your life easier and happier, and Music never abandons us, ever! Actually, there are a lot of studies made by Scientists that shows that when you listen to Music, and enjoy music, it makes that the brain releases the pleasure hormone, that is the one that makes us feel good. Maybe, thinking and reflecting about all of this that I just said, with a little bit of humor, I can come to the conclusion that Music is a drug itself, and Techno is a reaaaaally good one!


What kind of equipment are you working on to make music ?

I use Ableton Live. 


What is your typical equipment for a mix ?

I like to play with 1 Pioneer DJM 800 + 2 Pioneer CDJ 2000, and now I´m getting to know the Pioneer RMX 1000.


How do you imagine yourself in ten years ?

I imagine myself having a little bit quieter life together with my family. 

But, asIi want to be a mother someday, I really don´t think that this quieter life will going to happen.

What kind of music are you listening to at home ?

I listen to all kinds of music at home. 

Reggae, Classical Music, Electronic Music, something of Hip Hop, Brazilian Music like Bossa Nova, Samba, MPB (Música Popular Brasileira), Rock, House Music, Techno Music, and what i really love to do, is to listen music and artists that i have never heard before, knowing new artists, new styles, new kinds of music, is just so great!

And if i like what i listen, i put it on my home play lists.


Do you still go to club just for fun ?


Every time it is possible, I go to clubs or festivals to listen to Djs or bands I like, and also to see the ones i never seen before. Before being a Dj, I was part of the crowd, I am also the party people, and I will always be part of them!


You did some set with Fernanda Martins. What is the main differences between a solo set and a duo ?

We had a duo called Pink Noise ! And the differences of playing as a duo and playing solo, for me is that when you are playing duo, you can be a little bit more relaxed, because you have a backup to stand by you, if you do something that doesn´t work out on the mix...each one is the backup for the other one, so you kinda share the responsibility. Playing solo, you have all the ears on you, you have more responsibility on your hands. You are on your own, and it is simply amazing to be able to share this connection between you and all the people that are there to listen, dance and have fun with you. It is what you feel for the music, going straight to the crowd.

For me it is incredible how you can reach people´s heart and mind with the music that you love, and that you see that they love it too.


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