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« It's all about putting our creativity to the limit and expressing ourselves. »


N’en déplaise à certains, le Brésil n’est pas QUE le bastion du ballon rond et ce malgré la prochaine échéance footballistique planétaire. Le pays regorge en effet d’une scène hardtechno qui truste les dancefloors du globe et impose son style ravageur chez tous les clubbers avides de sensations fortes. Unis à la ville comme à la scène, Pet Duo multiplie les projets et les influences Rock, Hip-Hop ou même classiques pour livrer des performances d’où le terme concession semble avoir été exclu. Attention Pet méchant !

What is the club you would love to mix ?

We played already in many great clubs in Europe, South America and Asia, but we would love to go to North America. We heard many good things about the scene and it would be great to bring our sound there. Besides that, playing at the late Hacienda in Manchester must have been a great experience, when everyone were discovering electronic dance music together and from where so much good music came from...oh, and of course, at the Studio 54, seventies disco inferno at its best, with all great music and hedonism fueled, that must have been THE club...

Where is the place you would love to mix (On the moon, under the sea …) ?

In space it must be an interesting experience for the zero-gravity feeling...but we need to touch the ground to dance, right? So..maybe on earth, in a crazy and beautiful location must be more doable... Machu-Pichu, in the mountains of Peru, that would be magical !

What is your best mixing memory ?

Two many to count, but we are very fond of this one...3 years ago we did a tour named 'High On Sound', where we presented a whole different type of performance. Playing a Live PA using computer, controlers and some hardware and doing at the same time a DJ set, intertwining our own original sounds with the CDJs. The idea was to share with the public that we are getting high with the music, 'flying' to new heights and going nuts with the sound. So we performed dressed as the pilots in command of this jet-fighter, and the crowd was our passenger. We had these custom-made helmets to complete the outfits. We looked very good to watch as well as to dance to ! So for our Brazilian fans we made a special preview of the tour, 6 months before the actual start of it. Playing at this amazing location in São Paulo, by a lake, one of the most heavenly locations we know, and for our own crowd...well, that was very special !

( U can check the set, recorded with microphones as well, so you can get the vibe of the crowd too, here: )

A six decks DJ set, a live set, Pet trio with Miss Djax how do you deal with all your projects and are all these projects the key not to get bored with always doing the same thing ?

We don't make these projects not to get bored, the music we normally play is very exciting by itself and the most entertaining sound there is. We just think there's always home for improvement and fun in diving into different projects. We also like to challenge the way we are doing things and presenting our sound. Trying to leave the comfort zone and pushing the envelope and raise our own bar another notch. It's all about putting our creativity to the limit and expressing ourselves.

Do you still go to clubs just for fun ?

Sometimes, but we mostly go to concerts. One of the great things about Europe is that many of the artists that never came to Brazil are playing regularly here. In the last months we have heard Placebo, Depeche Mode, Gary Numan, Front 242, Krisiun and we look forward to hear Nine Inch Nails three times in May !

How do you get in touch with all the production going out ?

Reasearch, research, research. Not only on webstores but also on youtube and discogs and, of course, physical recordstores. Besides that, we have 7k records and 3k CDs where we take some gems to play out...not all is on the net, you know? 

Why did you decide to move from Brazil to Berlin ?

When we started touring regularly in Europe we used to play more in Germany. Our agency was also based in Berlin so we thought that would be easier, logical and cheaper for flights and meetings. Plus we love this city, its amazing how much it have changed in 8 years and we are always pleased to go out and explore it, discovering new parks, museums and historical locations.

How would you define your mixing style ?

Forward-thinking assshaking music with fat and fast beats.

Is there a Brasilian hardtechno scene ?

There used to be. But it seems we are all in Europe now ;)
No, but really, there are a few regular Techno and Hardtechno parties going on in Brazil, but we see a much different interest from the public. It shifted from the style of music to the artist who plays it. Most of the people that goes to a Techno or a Hardtechno party knows who's playing, in this way its a more specialized scene, with deep e-music 'connaisseurs'. 

What is the difference between hardtechno and hardcore ?

Hardtechno have more funky drums, there's normally a deep rolling bass and the kick drum is much more clear than the one used in Hardcore. Its form is more free arrangement-wise, not always using the huge and melodic breakdowns that are present in Hardcore. Also it's more dark and hypnotic.

How do you prepare a set ? Do you let yourself free to change your mixing list reacting to the crowd ?

We like to practice at home checking new combinations between tracks, see if they fit better together, but of course, when presenting ourselves we like to connect with the crowd and ask them what they would like to hear, without using words, hehe. It's all about the moment and playing with different moods and bringing a unique experience for the public.

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