Entretien avec Dj Gab, la branche dure de la Techno

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« Many djs are using technology to do less work at stage »




Fusion du hardcore et de la tribe, la hardtechno transporte les clubbers les plus aguerris au rythme d’une locomotive lancée à vive allure. Aux commandes du train fou, Gabriela Mariano (aka DJ Gab) joue, depuis le début des années 2000, les machinistes aux quatre coins du globe. Vinyles ou CD, pilotant au gré de ses inspirations deux ou quatre platines, en duo avec son compère ETO pour le projet Motormorfoses ou seule derrière la console, la Brésilienne distille des sets aptes à faire dodeliner le plus ardent réfractaire aux musiques électroniques. À quelques semaines du lancement des principaux festivals européens technoïdes, la demoiselle nous livre (en V.O.) sa vision d’un style musical en pleine mutation.


How would you describe hard techno ?

The sound that hugs you tight ! You not only listen but really feel the sound beating in your whole body and makes you move with it ! It’s like abduction ! The drums are the most important part of it, and it also creates melody !


How would you describe your mixing style ?

I think it’s more deep, more for closed eyes, to get into the music, I focus more on my tracks sequence, on the story I want to tell than in my tricks… I think its not for the younger people...


What is the importance of Techno music in Brasil ?

It used to be very important some years ago, you could find not only in the big Sao Paulo city great parties, with beautiful people moved by the passion for techno… but now… It seems that the real techno lovers are not enough in numbers to maintain a stable scene, and the clubs must surrender to the commercial parties with people who are not really into the music. We still have there a small techno scene, surviving as possible by the love for this music. 


You came to djing very young. How did you get interested in techno music and playing music on different desks?

Well, I always loved electronic sounds, and always was interested to the harder ones, since I started to listen music. Around 10 years old I had a big music collection, on K7 tapes, and 80% was electronic, the dance music from the 90's. Remember, when you were a child, the first parties in some of your friends house ? I was the one who played the music in this parties, of course I didn't know what I was doing, or how to do it right, but I just loved to be behing the desks. Then when I was around 15/16 years old, I found the raves, and techno, and I discovered how the Djs really work, and, in friends parties I did my first mixing tries, and could not stop since then… 


You are mixing simultaneoulsy on four desks. What led you to that choice ?

When I started I was in a relationship with dj Eto, and he just told me: "why don't we play together?" And I said: "Ok, why not?" So we started to practice and it was an awesome experience ! 


What are you using apart from the four desks live?

I have also with Dj Eto the live act called "Motormorfoses", which we do since 2006, and since the beginning we changed a lot the way we do it, our last setup was a live performance with only hardwares and no computer. I was controlling a sample machine plus a Efx machine and Eto played the melodies with 2 synthesizers, and we were doing musical impromptu for real ! Such an experience, much more difficult then a dj set, but very satisfactory.


When you’re doing a set, do you prepare all the tracks you are about to play or do you feel free to change your playlist focusing on the crowd reaction?

I can’t prepare the whole set, the cool thing about djing for me and I think for almost everyone is to feel the people and the moment. I prepare some options for the beginning, but I change it depending of the vibe there.


Sometimes you are mixing on your own and sometimes you do duet. How do you prepare a duet mixing for example the one you did with Fernanda Martins to celebrate the 15 th birthday of the Apokalypsa?

The preparing is the same as playing solo, you must just practice as much as you can, and in fact, I didn't practice much with Fernanda. Playing 4 decks with someone is very different than to play solo, but the preparing is the same, we will feel the people and the moment, and we are always communicating about what to do next.


What is to you the best mixing set you did already ?

Uh ! That’s a really difficult question ! There are some special for different reasons, but best mixing… Let’s see, maybe a 4 decks set with Dj Eto at La Cova club (Spain) in 2009, at Dj Lukas Bday Party, where also played Fernanda Martins and Candy Cox… at that time we still played real vinyls !


Where is the place you would love to mix ?

There are many places I've never played and I want to, but specially I would like to play in Japan ! 


Can you tell us the club you prefer ?

I would like to mention two of them and are already closed, one was the "Lov.e" club in Sao Paulo/Brasil, where I was first attender and after years I was resident there, and also there we launched the "Motormorfoses" live act. The other is "Industrial Copera" in Granada/Spain, every gig there was just awesome! 


Do you still go to clubs just to dance and enjoy the music ?

Its really difficult, but maybe once or twice in a year if possible.


How do you get informed with all the tracks that are coming out ?

We as producers share our music between us, but we are also listening to other artists sets or checking the music stores.


Who’s your favorite Dj ?

I don't have a favorite one, believe it or not, I like many of them, and can’t see one as the best for me. If you ask me, who do you want to see playing ? I would have to think about it for a while… Maybe coz as I work with them and when I’m not working I’m listening to other musical styles. 


Fernanda Martins, Klaudia Gawlas, Miss Kittin, you… In your opinion, what is the part of women in the world of Djing ?

I think It’s the same as the man's part, or should be. But I think nowadays the part of women is the same as the part of men, if is not bigger ! 


How would you answer to those persons, whom associate 'techno' with 'drugs'?

I would explain them that it’s a problem associate with the night life, in all music styles, but mostly it’s a social problem, and people go out at the night to forget about their problems and forget about the world, for some, the music is enough, for others the drugs must help the process.


What is the good thing and the bad thing for you in the nowadays scene ?

A good thing is that you can easier buy and make your music, and all the technology is to everyone. But this can be also a bad thing, while many djs are using technology to do less work at stage.

When I started, in 2001, we djs were just a few comparing with the numbers of today. At that time, we just needed to be good with the turntables and vinyls, also coz there wasn't so much technology to help us… and make some right contacts to share our work. That was enough to have your space in the scene. But now, you can not just be good, and in fact you don't have to be really good if you work well your promotion, spend great time in social network, make billions of photos, and many stupid things to have your space…  This is not how I knew this scene and special thing about it was that it was indeed the opposite ! Techno lovers used to be more attitude people, with good sense to perceive what really counts and who is who.





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